We have different gathering and work areas, including our new Maloca which is a decagonal wood platform on the creek, ideal for yoga and related activities.

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Whether you are workshop facilitator looking for the right retreat place for your retreat or a person looking to join a retreat Los Naranjos is an unforgettable place that will enhance to your retreat experience.

Los Naranjos is a beautiful spot to hold a retreat. It is a sacred sanctuary that offers your participants the greatest gifts of nature's beauty, private intimate spaces, and comfortable accommodations. This is a place that gives creative inspiration a chance to make a retreat an adventure!

Los Naranjos give you a time to spend apart from the ordinary workings of society , a time of rest and reflection. Even the busy parent or executive needs time to relax and return to the awareness of spiritual life.

In the serene atmosphere of Los Naranjos you begin to relax coming home to the natural world and your place in it. Through practices such as meditation, dreamwork, music, art, and journaling, we come to greater appreciation of our soul's journey. A deep awareness and consciousness of the Divine Presence is honored with compassion and gentleness in nature’s garden of Los Naranjos.

At Los Naranjos we have extensive experience in helping group facilitators provide their guests with everything needed to make the retreat a special, unforgettable experience. Our rates are very competitive and our facilities offer the opportunity to hold your retreat in a beautiful natural and private setting. We are happy to help you in any way we can make your retreat the most successful ever.