Guests Testimonials

Thank you for you interest in Los Naranjos. Direct from our guest book are the kind words of folks who have stayed with us.

"This has been a wonderful vacation and it is all thanks to your hospitality and efforts at Los Naranjos!
I cannot imagine a more idyllic and relaxing resort. The pool is spectacular and the gardens delightful"

"Los Naranjos is magical. Upon the 2nd or 3rd day one slips through the portal of time.
A slower way to live is revealed and the body responds to its natural rhythm"

"A muscial composition of falling water, chirping insects, singing birds with solo arrangements of roosters, dogs and cows and donkeys" Thanks
Jarrett Sky

"This place has given me so much peace and clarity. It is my heaven.
Thank you for the wonderful experience."

"What a great surprise, upon first arrival I was not sure about my stay, but as time passed I wanted to stay at Los Naranjos more than any other place here in Yelapa. P.S. The wedding photos were easy to take, you can not point your camera in the wrong place. Every place is gorgeous at Los Naranjos.

"Please keep playing this wilderness as you play your instruments. This nature spot has your soul in it. Preserve it."

Guest in Hammock