Groups Testimonials

Thank you for your visit! The following are kind words from groups of facilitators who have used our facilities.

I have led over 50 retreats at centers around the world, but Los Naranjos is still my favorite place to bring groups. No cars! Just mountains, waterfalls, ocean, and candlelight dinners. You are immersed in a unique, vibrant community of Mexicans and gringos, artists, musicians, writers and characters who choose to live close to nature and be a part of this amazing community.
Charles McInerney
We have held our Creative Writing retreats at Los Naranjos for seven years. It is our secret paradise. We love its natural abundance and beauty, the surprise of sculptures perfectly placed overlooking a pond of golden carp, its pristine privacy and April's food! It's ideal for yoga, writing, lying about in hammocks, reviving our creative lives.
Patricia Lewis

Los Naranjos is a very unique retreat centre offering the wonderful combination of jungle and beach. The trek into the retreat centre is only 15 minutes from the beach so everything is accessible for your workshop. You and your participants sleep in swinging beds with netting gently falling down around you and the sounds of the jungle lulling you to sleep. The washing areas are clean and give you that outdoor feeling! The gardens and eating areas nurture the soul with whimsical sculptures everywhere and the beauty of nature opening the hearts of your workshop participants. A perfect place for insight and introspection.
Tracy Harrison
Creative Fire Art Studio