• We have several meditation spots
  • Enjoy a refreshing dip in our private waterfall and natural pool
    (usually from July to March, depending on the rainy season)
  • Soothe your tired muscles and nurture your soul with a luscious
    massage by María.
  • Rafael and Michel play various instruments. They love to jam with others so bring your instruments!

Pueblo Yelapa

In addition to activities available at Los Naranjos, there are plenty of things to do in the pueblo of Yelapa, plus side trips we can arrange.

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Fishing & special excursions:

  • islands
  • waterfalls
  • open ocean

Never a dull moment!

An all-day excursion to these nearby islands, featuring crystal-clear marine viewing, a humongous cave, and the nests of endangered Blue-Footed Boobies. It's a must!
Deep-Sea Fishing
One of Vallarta's most famous sports. Send us an email and we will make all the arrangements for you.
Water activities:
Yelapa is nestled in a bay inside another bay, and the waters are usually calm enough for novices.

Plenty of room between dolphins, whales and manta rays. There are also refreshing cold pools beneath all the waterfalls.
Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling
All gear can be rented on the beach, so no need to bring your own!

Fire Activities, after sunset:

  • full moon bonfires
  • candlelight dining
  • dancing at the Yacht Club

... all Yelapa traditions

Yelapa attracts amazing chefs, such as Elena at the Yacht Club, Saul at Saul's, Tatiana at the Galleria, Christina at the Upriver Cafe... and more. Be prepared to enjoy many delicious meals.
The Yacht Club
Every Wednesday and Saturday night by the seashore in town. Hostess Elena serves amazing dinners with organic salads, and disco dancing goes until the wee hours.

Full Moon Bonfire
Once a month on the beach. Music, laughter, and lots of fun!

Earth activities:

  • trekking
  • horseback riding
  • walking on the beach and jungle paths
A favorite is the 1-hour hike up Tuito River to the roaring Cathedral Falls. Renting horses makes for superior viewing of birds and trees. An incredible experience!

Air activities:

Enjoy spectacular views of the land, mountains, river and bay.
Recently the Flyguys discovered Yelapa and its cliffs. They offer tandem rides and lessons to those folks hardy enough to climb to their Toppa Yelapa leapoff point.

Towed by a boat and supported by a parachute, fly over the ocean and enjoy spectacular views.